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Teaching Strategies that Work

Do you struggle to keep the attention of your students when teaching algebra and geometry? This is a common problem in schools all over the country. We have some ideas below to help you mix things up and make learning math more fun. Use videos that engage the students. YouTube can be an asset to […]

Making In-Class Reading Work for You

In my fourth year of teaching at the middle school, all the English teachers were given a ninety-minute block of teaching instead of the normal forty-five, so I began incorporating silent reading. It was a failure. None of my students were avid readers, so they were not interested in sitting for ten to fifteen minutes […]

Bringing the Global World to Your Classroom

The world is becoming smaller. That’s a phrase that we hear when people talk about the degree of separation in the world these days and how we see stories about other places just like they were taking place in our own neighborhood. One of the most valuable things our students can learn currently is how […]